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Why Offshoring

1. Save cost & time with our offshoring team.

Reduce development cost and leverage the vast pool of talent by offshoring

Businesses have changed dramatically over the last decade, and more software companies, IT services, and product companies are now delegating projects to low-cost offshore teams. Because of technological advancements, many businesses that rely solely on in-house skills have benefited from offshoring their projects. Though the practice has been around for a long time, startups have recently discovered that it is more effective and fits their budgets.

Today, nearly 54 percent of all businesses use third-party support. According to ‘Statistica,’ businesses will spend approximately $80 billion on offshoring in 2020-2021, and 78 percent of business owners are confident in their offshoring partners.

The reason being, you save time and money while also acquiring the necessary skill set to complete the job more quickly and efficiently.

How does offshoring help you save money and time?

  • Takes projects at 60% lower cost

  • 400+ readily available profiles to screen

  • Takes projects at 60% lower cost

  • No extra recruitment cost

  • Well-trained in-house resources

2. Scale up fast with offshore team

Benefit from the readily available resources, infrastructure and domain expertise to scale your offshore team

Businesses seeking to grow quickly can resort to offshoring as it is one of the quickest ways to scale up the product & the business. With the technological advancements in every sphere, it has become essential for businesses to match up to the cut-throat competition and update themselves as quickly as possible. To conquer the market, scaling up has thus become a necessity for every business. Though it is hard for start-ups to make that jump, scaling up is one of the best ways to make your organization more productive as it collates the expertise of multiple resources to give a better outcome.

Moreover, the expansion also helps delegation of umpteen tasks in a company to a diversified workforce which eventually lets the business owners focus on core operations while a separate unit handles the product development. Thus, you get an added advantage to leverage the global talent and scale as and when needed as per the project requirements.

3. Own your team

Build your team, set hierarchy and drive the project the way you want.

As the product grows and business increases, every owner/entrepreneur tries to bring the outsourced team under their ownership as it gives them a lot of flexibility and security when they decide to scale up their business. When it comes to fundraising & company valuation, ownership of assets and people also play a significant role.

One of the major drawbacks of the traditional offshoring model is the lack of ownership & transfer of assets, as the engagement ends. We, at OpenXcell, understand the risk and challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs and we come up with the flexible engagement model – BOT, where clients have the choice and option to buy out the team whenever they want.

How does offshoring help you save money and time?

  • CMMI level 3 company

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified

  • 500+ qualified resources

  • 700+ customers

  • 10+ years of experience

4. Why Offshoring to India?

India has the best IT talent and offers low development cost making it the best destination to offshore your project.

Technology has grabbed the world with its unprecedented effectiveness to ease out the tasks in almost every industry. However, in developed countries, though the technology has advanced tremendously, the dearth of tech professionals and high labor cost has impaired most startups and medium scale businesses. This is the main reason offshoring has constantly been flourishing. Offshoring the work helps your business execute projects faster and gives you the freedom from recruitment and setting up the team.

Talking about offshoring countries, it has been over a decade now that India has become one of the preferred offshoring centers because of the availability of high-qualified professionals, easily available workforce, culturally fit resources, and one of the best service provider countries in the world. Since it influences Western culture and 70% of the Indians speak English, not to mention low labor cost, most American businesses prefer Indians over any other people in the world when it comes to software development.