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Perception Group

A Sales Force Talent Analytics

Project Description

Perception Group acts as a gateway to have the evidence-based selection intelligence. Perception People Analytics combines rich, granular people data with workforce and performance data to achieve targeted business outcomes.

Optimize hiring decisions by identifying and recruiting the right people for the right job roles. Perception Analytics establishes an adaptive system built on pervasive connectivity and proprietary people data that learns and keeps getting smarter.

This system is merger of many of the small systems developed by us for the Perception Group Business. Few of the modules of the merger system are described below :

Management Training System

System module focuses on online tutorial services for the company users. User can access audios and videos tutorials uploaded in the system for training purposes. Users also have priviledges to read the pdf online as a part of training tutorials.

Career Profile

As the name suggests this module focuses on the profile management of an indivivual. System gathers complete detail for each individuals, by means of step-by step form wizard. Various kind of information like Personal Info, Previous Job Details, Education Qualifications, Bio Sketch, References, etc are collected and managed by this module. It also cover Assessment Process of individual by multi-choice questionarie form (online).


Analytical report for each company user are managed by this module of the merger system, based on predefined calculation. It also has functionality to analyse by aptitudes for individual user.

Applicant Tracking System

A module to track all the details of each applicant and display summarized data in form of charts and percentages. It also summarize assement data.

Bi Hub

This module majorly focuses on generating full pdf report which contians apptitudes data, behaviour style chart, social intelligence facet data,etc for particular participant. It also covers facility of mailing with snapshot and to take a snapshot of assessment report by single button click. Using this system module, one can also invite any user to join hub by sending email.

Assessment Tracking

This system allow to analyse assesment of each individuals with summarized graphical data. It has also functionality of email with attachment of assement report snapshot and take a snapshot of assessment report by single button click. In this it has also functionality of compare two members assement report data.

Global Admin

This module is created for main admin.In this module admn can configure all language settings,user settings.etc.

RTAS Administrator

This Modules covers self evalution functionality, RTAS report generation, perfomance trends for diffrent type of user roles like sales executive,Supervisor,manager.

Project Details
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, Json, XML, Javascript, SQL Server, Bootstrap, ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework, AbcPdf
D3 JS, Cropper, HtmlToImage, IonRangeSlider, SlimScroll, audioPlayer, bxSlider, C3 JS, jsTree, Kendo UI, metisMenu

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