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Programmatic Digital Advertising Technology & Solutions

Project Description

PubMatic fuels the endless potential of internet content creators. The PubMatic platform empowers independent app developers and publishers to control and maximize their digital advertising businesses and enables advertisers to drive ROI by reaching and engaging their target audiences in brand-safe, premium environments across ad formats and devices.


Brands, agencies, trading desks and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) require the ability to buy with confidence and manage high-quality ad campaigns at scale across ad formats and channels. Our programmatic Media Buyer Console is powered by easy-to-understand, real-time data and proactive deal health intelligence to help media buyers make smarter, faster decisions that increase campaign performance.


Targeted-PMP is a self-service, real-time planning and impression forecasting tool that improves audience discovery and simplifies workflow across multiple publishers in one deal ID. Buyers can seamlessly activate first party data and transact on second party audiences in brand safe environments, with less time spent in negotiation and troubleshooting. Data owners benefit from increased control, transparent costs and usage insights.


Customizable dashboards and proactive recommendations provide media buyers with tools to improve performance, saving time and allowing them to analyze the most relevant data for campaign optimization quickly and efficiently.


Advertisers wanting increased returns on ad spend can make smarter decisions with real-time intelligence, visibility into campaign performance, and easy-to-use reporting.


Digital media buyers and sellers value the data and efficiencies provided by programmatic. With the unparalleled access to unique audiences, quality assurance, and transparency publishers and advertisers are turning to programmatic private marketplaces (PMPs). According to eMarketer, PMPs are forecasted to comprise the majority of programmatic spend by 2021.

Understanding this continued growth and the need to easily create more PMP deals with performance optimization, scale and all media-types supported, we are building the most complete solution on the market. Our platform enables publishers to manage and package premium audiences and inventory for specific buyer relationships while maintaining control over their audiences, inventory and data. Powered by real-time insights, the transaction processes are then streamlined to optimize monetization for both publishers and advertisers.


Leveraging both automated and manual processes, we help safeguard publishers’ audiences across channels, screens and ad formats, allowing them to proactively address ad security, brand safety threats and protect the end user experience.


Our real-time, automated solutions track every creative and scan not only for security violations like malware, auto redirects, unsafe JS but also for quality violations like auto audio and video ads, in-banner videos (IBVs), popups to ensure we can filter out contentious ads before they get displayed on site.


PubMatic uses proprietary technologies in collaboration with industry leading ad quality enterprises like The Media Trust and Confiant. Our dedicated brand safety advertising solutions not only scan tags and creatives, but also provide self-service tools to review and update creative classification. Our dedicated ad quality operations team is also available round the clock to address any mission critical violations.

Project Details
Angular 8/9, Karma, Jasmine, Angular Reactive form, Angular Testing, Agile Methodologies

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