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Blue Cross Blue Shield

A Contract Management System for Health Company

Project Description

BCBS is one kind of contract management system for Health Company. The system can be splitted into 4 main modules - User and Role Management, Customer Management, Projects-Services Management, Contract-Activity management.

User and Roles Management

module majorly focuses on the managing the user logins and their access roles. In order to provide the access rights, users are categories into one of the 4 roles - Administrator, Database Operator, Management and Tester. Admin users have access to either grant/revoke on various functionalities of the system, based on the role type.

Customer Management

module includes managing the customer information for/by whom the servies activities are to be performed. The customers can be Plan Customer of the BCBS or Vendor customer.

Project Services Management

deals with creating and managing the projects within the system. It also includes functionality to manage the services required by BCBS system relative to various projects. Each Project listed in the BCBS system, has a predefined budget stated for the same. Similarly, each service has a defined budget and mode of fees payments.


module is the main module of the system, which is the root need of the BCBS system. It include managing of the contracts allocated to/for BCBS customers for the various services defined within the projects. Contract agreement also includes the notification for the work completion timeline as the estimated/actual budget for the service work. Based on the contract the activity reports can be generated by respective user, to notify the process, status, pending budget of the service contract.

Besides this module functionalities, BCBS system also includes reports module which provide various kind of reports in tabular or chart form to the users such as Revenue Vs Expense, Activity History Report based on the service, Invoice List, Bill List, etc.

Project Details
ASP.Net MVC, HTML5, CSS3, MYSQL, jQuery, Web API Services, Bootstrap
Kendo UI, D3 Charts

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