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A Tracking System For Logistic Companies

Project Description

StreetEx was developed for a company dealing in logistic services with COD as payment option. System has different kind of login roles (Admin, Customer, Operator, Super-Operator) having different access priviledges. System is capable enough to manage all stages information which are included in any logistic service; starting from customer order request to consignee payments as well as customer payment reports. Email and SMS service has been integrated within the system to notify the consignee about the current status of their order.

Few of the add-on functionality of this system are as listed below :

  • New Customer Login [Consigner] cannot be a active user unless authorized by Admin

  • Each Order placed by Customer is not visible to others system users (although have higher priviledges), unless pick-up request is made by him/her.

  • Each order inserted by Customer but not requested for pick-up gets removed from the database after 3 days.

  • A history of the consignee is manage for each Customer providing the easy in placing the delivery orders.

  • Customer can have a glance over the amount of payment received/pending against the orders placed by him within the system.

  • Database history is auto-removed (after having a backup in excel format file) , for all those data which are older than 3 months.

Project Details
HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular-JS, ASP.Net Web API Services.

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