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Shipping Application

A Online Offline Web Application for Ship Users

Project Description

This Application is for the ship users. From this application users can see the documents, fill the forms, fill the reports on the ship. This application is also work in offline mode. All data will save locally when internet is not avilable and will be sync on AWS when ineternet is avilable We have created many sub applications and services as below

  • Ship Application - Running on Ship

  • Office Application - Running on AWS server

  • CarisbrookeShipping Service - Running on Ship to sync Offline/Online data

  • Carisbrooking API - Web API to save JSON data to database server

  • CarisbrookeOpenFile Service - Windows application that will open local Info path files to fill data

  • AWS DB Update Service - Windows service that will authenticate STA API, fetch data and sync data to another AWS server

Project Details
Asp.Net MVC, MVC Web API 2, Bootstrap JS, JSON Files, Windows Services, SQL Server 2014, Entity Framework
Kendo JS

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