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Data Collection

The Project to gather information of machines in a Industry.

Project Description

Purpose of this project was to gather information of industrial machines. This software will be used by employees on their cell phone or tablets. They will use this software to collect data related to machines. Later this data will help in generating reports and helps in maintenance of the machines. These machines are present in several States and Cities. Sometimes at one location only one machine is present and sometimes under one roof there are many machines present. Each machine has a unique TERMINAL ID and we will be tracking everything using this terminal ID.

Employee Role:

Employees will be able to login and add/update information of machine. Employee will login and he will see the routes and machines assigned to him. He will go to those machines and start taking the information. Information taking process will be like a questionnaire but one question in each page only. Most of the questions are related to taking pictures by clicking button on our form and storing them in the database against that terminal ID. If picture is not good he can retake the picture. Or he can also upload the picture taken by his cellphone/tablet Camera.

Manager Role :

Managers can add the employees to the system or block them from using the system. Manager see the reports related to machines and locations. Manager assigns employees to routes. Routes are physical areas where employee will go and take information of machines using our system. Manager can create new Routes and assign to employee. Manager controls who is assigned to which route and who has done how many jobs etc. Manager can add entire new product. For example, Now they want to use this system for their Industrial machines, may be later they want to use this system for wending machines etc.

Project Details
Angular 5, Asp.Net MVC Web API 2, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, MS SQL Server

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