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A Property Reservation System

Project Description

Purpose of this system is have a responsive website that allow users to reserve properties to stay in for some days and pay property rent allocated to that property. User can import reservation files based on the property type. This project manages the Reservation of the properties. There are list of the list of the properties and the list of the reservations available for those property. The Grid is used to manage and display the data of reservations.

There is module to upload the reservation excel file to load the data into our sql server database. Add, Edit, Delete for Properties, Reservation are managed from this project.

There is also Reports section. IN this section user can generate the reports based on date filters and get the results in grid. Also he can export this into excel file.

Upload the excel sheet files module is also available in this application.

Vendors can upload their excel sheet file of the Properties Reservations with specific format decided in the system. And vendors can see their properties in the grid to edit, delete them.

Project Details
Angular 6, ASP.Net Web API Services, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework Code First Approach.

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