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kite's Day celebration

We just not only work but enjoy the every moment of life and every Indian traditional festival. WebAshlar family arranges kite festival on 13th January and we will enjoy it a lot.

Holi celebration

Spirit of Holi encourages the feeling of brotherhood in society and even the enemies turn friend on this day, WebAshlar did not treat their company member as employees but we treat them as friend on this auspicious day we played the hoil like our family members

Birthday celebration

Every month we celebrate the birthday of employees, we cut the cake, we arrange food party, we give gift to the birthday boy/girl, and this they way we make our employee day special.


Work is not life but it’s a part of life every year we arrange a picnic. Company picnic is one of the best thing to refresh the employees mind This helps in creating an energetic and family environment among all the WebAshlar members.

Employee farewell

It’s really hard to say goodbye to the finest members in your family, but everyone need to move on and scale new heights. so we also make there last day special.

painting competition

Colors are the part of our life which makes our life colorful. Without colors the life become bored WebAshlar team arrange painting competition and see the hidden talent of our employees.